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NoLogic Studioz was established in 1999. It is a multimedia melting pot, a subterranean laboratory located right in the heart of Berlin where various alchimists of creativity from all over the world execute untiringly and successfully innovative efforts in order to generate new intermedial presentations.

  Since 2003 we offer a complete mentoring and support to our protégés, the actors and their agencies, in order that they may feel themselves represented adequately. We experiment with all the magic tricks available in orderv to be able to satisfy all the needs of our customers. We are future-oriented and thanks to our world-wide human ressources, we may grow and learn every day along with the increasing technical possibilities. At the same time we always try to offer our customers a consistent appearance in this world of today which is characterised by the presence of many different media. We do not want to create merely a nice little website for an agency, but we also focus on optimalizing the functionality of its presentation. According to our philosophy, a website for actors and their agencies is supposed to be user-friendly in the first place and the interaction and communication between the users and our clients is supposed to work easily. The internet presentation of for example was created following these criterions.